Presented by Lilith Moon - Modern Shaman & holistic Business Coach

Free Live Spiritual Mentorship & Business Coaching for aspiring, new & seasoned healers
Join me for 5 days of FREE LIVE SPIRITUAL MENTORING & BUSINESS COACHING & get everything you need to step into your next level of purpose, power & prosperity as a healer - clarity on your unique healing mission through a shamanic initiation, understanding what facilitate soul-level healing & the soulful sales strategy you need to create more income and more impact!
The Initiation will be held….
June 3-7, 2021
Imagine yourself as a truly powerful healer with a thriving business…
Here are 3 ways this time together will change your life forever…
Life Changer #1
I will share everything about the inner, energetic foundation of becoming a powerful healer with a thriving business - from self-love to confidence to clarity on your calling. I've got you covered with leading edge insights, powerful exercises and a shamanic journey.
Life Changer #2
The outer, practical foundation is equally important! Who is your ideal client really? How can you help them see profound healing results, all while making great money? You'll find out who you can best serve, how to design your signature offering & I'll show you how to sell with soul and without the hassle.
Life Changer #3
Sisterhood! Immersed in a community of other soulful women who are healers too you will find yourself growing and evolving much faster, with much more ease & so much more fun! You'll even get a supporting sister to lovingly hold you accountable to your success!
Hi love, I'm Lilith.
I'm a modern day shaman, holistic business coach & the creator of Shamanic Yoga.

I grew my healing business from scratch as a single mom and went from struggling to pay the bills to earning 10-15K/month after I created a strong inner foundation (think spirit team, self-love upgrades & a new money mindset) & implemented a proven sales strategy based on making real connections with my ideal clients that does not require me to spend all my energy on tech and marketing.

It took me 3 years and cost me 20K to get to the point where I have more than enough money and more than enough time for myself, my son and my clients and I feel so fulfilled every day by how I serve them.
The same is possible for you and it doesn't have to be so hard!

I've helped dozens of women to become powerful shamanic healers & to create their own soulful, successful businesses! If you are ready for a big shift, join me for these 5 fantastic days! You'll walk away with a vibration upgrade, tons of clarity and confidence and a clear step-by-step action plan to see your next level of purpose, power and prosperity manifest fast!
Disclaimer - This CHallenge is entirely free and will give you insights and actionable steps to create your healing business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the Challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.
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