Shamanic Yoga - Healing, Training & Business Coaching for Modern Shamans
 in the Making

More Impact, More Income

Helping healers to deepen their training through shamanism & create a soulful, successful healing business, so that they can fully step into their sacred calling, serving their clients in powerful ways at the same time as earning a great living and putting themselves first.


More Impact,
More Income

We help overworked and underpaid entrepreneurs create time-leveraged business models that produce better results for their clients and better paychecks for themselves. 


Namaste beautiful, I’m Lilith Moon
I help healers to fully step into their calling with this simple 3 step process:

1. Upgrading their self-care and self-healing so that they can feel amazing - body, mind, heart & soul
2. Training them as shamanic healers, so that they can offer their clients the most powerful healing results
3. Coaching them to find out who they can best serve and through which unique offering, so they can stand out with their message & become THE authority in their niche, earn a generous living and have a great impact for good.

I built my 6+ figure healing business while being a single mom to a toddler, spending day and night on painstakingly trying to piece together all the pieces of this puzzle... 
I don’t wish those 2 years on anyone, which is why I created Shamanic Yoga, to offer an one-in-all solution that has already helped hundreds of women get there without the struggle. I can help you too!

One of my superpowers is to be strongly connected spiritually as well as very business savvy - so you can learn everything you need from one source.


Want to skip the trial and error and see results fast? Get ready for healing & spiritual expansion + a great impact for good + the money to show for the time, energy & love you pour into your work!

My Shamanic Calling - Step into your next level of power, purpose & prosperity as a healer!

Free 4 day live training for healers!
This event is a combination of spiritual mentorship & holistic business coaching, where I’ll share in great detail what it really takes to become a powerful healer with a successful business so you can fully step into your calling.

Join us for free coaching, immense value and sisterhood in my women’s circle… and walk away with tons of clarity about your next steps and the confidence to act on what you learned, so you can increase your impact & income!
Free training for online business owners!

The EXACT System I use to create "OMG, gotta have it" offers that have my audience clawing at their credit cards ... every time!

Client Love

"This program is amazing !!!! Do it !!! I took the program, it’s no fluff, exactly as Lilith promised, and Lilith’s help is priceless. Since then I have signed up 1 client (and I haven’t even finished the program yet), I have 5 more prospects and life is wonderful!! Thank you Lilith Moon ❤️❤️😘😘😘”
"Working with Lilith has changed me deeply. I have found my center. I have let go of what I don’t need. I feel so positive and my self-love has grown! On the outside, one miracle after the next unfolds for me. I am overwhelmed with the goodness of it all!
I am also amazed about the healing sessions that I've had so far with clients, it worked so well...
Lilith Moon is really a good, sensitive and clear teacher, I highly recommend working with her! 💗”
"She taught me how to center and clear my mind. She taught me how to travel the shamanic realm safely and find my power animals and spirit guides.
She's answered all my questions with patience and love and also humbly shares her own experiences.
I've learned how to clear negative energy from my body and personal energetic space and how to draw energy from the Earth and Sky.
I've learned how to step into my spirit essence & own my power.
I've learned so many techniques to nourish my soul!
I have also found a supportive circle of women who share their beautiful, amazing stories, time and time again!"
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Join my women’s circle on facebook to become part of a tribe of big-hearted, soulful women with a mission and to make sure you don’t miss out on the next Initiation!

You are also invited to join my private network, away from the hustle and bustle of facebook, where we come together for more intimate sharing's and this is also where you’ll find all the private groups for my offerings
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